Automated Solutions

Neuteq creates bespoke solutions to solve engineering and manufacturing challenges our customers face.  Some of our recent projects can be seen below.

This is a fully scalable solution with the primary function of fixing a timing gear to a crankshaft.  This solution has been deployed in three continents in various formats which demonstrates the modular nature of the equipment.  In its most basic form the cell assembles an induction heated gear onto a crankshaft but can also be fitted with a glue station, measurement station and visual inspection area in accordance with the end users requirements.

For this project the customer wanted to automate the process of inserting keys into the crankshaft assembly.  The system needed to be totally automated allowing the operator to simply supply parts and allow the cell to do the rest of the process.  Further requirements included full parts traceability, measurement of force and depth and reject part control.  The solution provided uses a vision guided robot to recognise, pick, orientate and then place the key into the key insertion tool.  The key insertion tool then actuates whilst measuring force and distance.  All metrics are logged into the system but simply with the force and distance measurements the control system can define whether the part passes or fails and can then be moved into its respective out feed.

Neuteq machine tending solutions are designed to be 'up and running in minutes'.  We function as a systems integrator and collaborate with your CNC providers, conveyor suppliers and factory automation engineers to deliver a truly bespoke solution designed around your requirements.  This example uses a robot with 2x HAAS Lathes.  See the project gallery for extra images of the dual gripper design.